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Ankylosaurus(fused lizard) was probably the largest ankylosaur of all time. This herbivore lived in North America about 65-70 million years ago. It's famous for the armor that covered its body.


Ankylosaurus was heavily armored. The animals back, legs, tail, head, neck, and even its eyelids were plated. Only the stomach was unprotected. At the end of the tail was a massive hunk of bone and armor. It's thought that this club would be swung at attackers for defense.


Ankylosaurus was a very large animal. Adults measured over 20-26 feet(6-8 meters) long. Other dinosaurs of a similar length would weigh anywhere between 1 and 2 tons or so. However, because of the armor, Ankylosaurus was heavy for its overall size. When fully grown, this herbivore weighed over 3-4 tons.
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Armor and ClubEdit

Ankylosaurus was, like it's cousins, covered in armor. It's back and flanks not only had armor, but bony spikes as well. Even the animals eyelids were plated. The only weak spot was its stomach. The club on the end of its tail was massive and perfect for defense.

Behavior and PredatorsEdit

Ankylosaurus is thought to have been solitary. No fossil evidence exists that suggests group behavior. As far as predators go, Ankylosaurus had few. Its armor made it nearly invincible. That said, there was one predator in particular that could hunt even Ankylosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex. 
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In Popular CultureEdit

Ankylosaurus is featured somewhat frequently in popular culture. Often it's seen fighting with a Tyrannosaurus. Ankylosaurus has been seen in Jurassic Park III, documentaries like Walking With Dinosaurs, and a few video games. It's likely that Ankylosaurus will continue to make appearances in the media.