This titan of the Jurassic ranks among the largest land animals of all time. Brachiosaurus(arm lizard) is also one of the most famous sauropods ever. This giant lived in North America and Africa about 145-155 million years ago.


Brachiosaurus has a couple of trademark features. One is it's long neck. The neck alone measures over 20 feet(6 meters) in length. Brachiosaurus also has it's nostrils situated in a small "bump" on it's head. The front legs of Brachiosaurus were also longer than it's back legs. This makes it taller and gives it a giraffe like appearance.


Brachiosaurus is a giant among giants. An adult Brachiosaurus measured over 83 feet(25 meters) from tip to tail. Brachiosaurus was also one of the tallest dinosaurs. This dinosaur stood over 40 feet(12 meters) tall at the head. A fully grown animal would have weighed as much as 10 elephants(50 tons)!
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Due to it's huge size, Brachiosaurus had few, if any predators. No solitary hunter could bring one down. However, packs of Allosaurus' or Ceratosaurus' may have been able to do it. Even in a group though, they would have had a lot of trouble doing it.

In Popular CultureEdit

Because of it's huge size and famous appearance, Brachiosaurus is a fixture in dinosaur pop culture. It's most famous role was in Jurassic Park. However, a number of books, TV shows, and documentaries have also had Brachiosaurus involved in some way.
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