Easily one of the biggest killer dinosaurs, Carcharodontosaurus(shark toothed lizard) is a beast of immense proportions. This dinosaur lived alongside it's fellow giant Spinosaurus and a number of other dinosaurs. Carcharodontosaurus lived about 90-110 million years ago.


Carcharodontosaurus was your classic theropod. It had a large head almost 6 feet(1.8 meters) long! It's jaws were lined with sharp teeth over 5 inches long. Carcharodontosaurus had somewhat short arms and wasn't the smartest dinosaur out there. But with a top speed of 20 miles per hour and huge size, it didn't have to be very smart.


Not too many fossils of this dinosaur have been unearthed, so it's exact size is debated. Some estimates put it at 36-40 feet(11-12 meters) long and 4-5 tons. Others as high as 43-46 feet(13-14 meters) and 7-8 tons are also known. Most hover at about 40 feet(12 meters) long and 5-7 tons in weight.
Carchar size


Despite it's size and strength, Carcharodontosaurus did not have a very strong bite. It's jaw and skull were weak for an animal it's size. It's been estimated that Carcharodontosaurus couldn't bite down with more than 3,000 pounds per square inch. Powerful, but not for an animal of this size.

Hunting and Diet

It's assumed that this dinosaur was an active, but solitary, hunter. Prey was pretty abundant. Medium sized herbivores like iguanodonts were common, as were large sauropods. Due to it's huge size, Carcharodontosaurus would have had little trouble stealing kills from other carnivores.

In Popular Culture

Carcharodontosaurus has not been featured in most media until recently. It made an appearance in the documentary Planet Dinosaur. Video games like Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis have also depicted this dinosaur. Because of it's sheer size and terrifying look, it's likely that Carcharodontosaurus will continue to make appearances throughout dinosaur related media.
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