One of the largest hadrosaurs on record, Edmontosaurus(lizard of Edmonton) was huge. They were also common. Scores of fossils have been found. Clearly, these animals were widespread across North America 65-75 million years ago.


Like all hadrosaurs, Edmontosaurus had a large, duck-like bill. It's mouth was packed with thousands of tightly packed teeth. Edmontosaurus would use these teeth to grind up food to a pulp. Unlike many hadrosaurs, Edmontosaurus did not have an elaborate crest on it's head. 


One of the biggest hadrosaurs in North America, Edmontosaurus was huge. Fully grown animals measured over 33-40 feet(10-12 meters) long. They had a weight comparable to that of a modern day elephant. The largest individuals weighed over 4-5 tons!
Ed size


Hadrosaurs were very social animals. They had few defenses against predators. To make up for this, they found strenth in numbers. Should it have come down to a fight, Edmontosaurus had a large tail that it could swing like a baseball bat. They also had sheer size on their side.


Because Edmontosaurus had only a few defenses, it made for an easy meal. However, it was still too big for most carnivores. One dinosaur in paticular however would have had no trouble bringing down even a fully grown individual. A number of fossils show evidence of predation from Tyrannosaurus rex.
Rex vs Edmontosaurus

Skull and BillEdit

Hadrosaurs like Edmontosaurus were very efficient eaters. Their bills and tightly packed teeth allowed them to gather huge amounts of plant matter. They could then chew their food very quickly and easily. This allowed them to grow to immense sizes.
Edmontosaurus skull

In Popular CultureEdit

Edmontosaurus has not been featured in most media. However, it has made a few appearances. The documentary Jurassic Fight Club depicted the dinosaur and the video game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis also contained Edmontosaurus.