Microraptor(small thief) was one of the smallest dinosaurs ever found. This small dromaeosaur may have
glided from tree to tree on it's never ending hunt for food. Microraptor lived in Asia about 120 million years ago.


Microraptor lived in China during the Cretaceous period. It was very small and had four wings which were used for gliding vast distances. It was a feathered Canivore, also measuring 3 feet(1 meter) in size.


Microraptor was rather a small dinosaur. Adults measured only 3 feet(1 meter) in length. It probably didn't weigh more than a few pounds. This makes it one of the smallest dinosaurs on record.
Micror size


Microraptors ate small prey such as lizards. It probably ate other small creatures within it's hunting capabilities. It glided across the forest in search of prey.


Microraptor had four wings, one of each of it's hind legs and forearms. Many people say Microraptor could fly, however this is not true nor was it possible. Microraptor's wings were built for gliding, not for taking flight. It is suggested that Microraptor climbed high distances from trees and then jumped off to gain gliding power.

Closest RelativesEdit

A very close relative to Microraptor was Sinornithosaurus. Sinornithosaurus was very close in size but was a bit bigger. Interesting enough Sinornithosaurus may have actually delivered poisonous bites to it's prey.

In Popular CultureEdit

Microraptor has not made many appearances in the media yet. It was shown in the documentaries Prehistoric Park and Planet Dinosaur though. Due to it's obscure nature in the media world, it's unlikely Microraptor will be featured in most upcoming media. There are, however, some documentaries about Microraptor.

Microraptor - Flying Dinosaur - Planet Dinosaur - BBC-0

Microraptor - Flying Dinosaur - Planet Dinosaur - BBC-0


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